Cleanroom garments can accumulate contamination during storage and between laundry washes, which in turn may lead to lower product yields and increased product quality issues. Esco garment storage cabinets make a positive contribution to maintaining the cleanliness of a cleanroom environment. The GT Stock Garment Stockers are the perfect solution for maintaining the cleanliness of cleanroom garments.


Key Features

  • ULPA-filtered airflow keeps garments clean in storage and when being handled.

  • Enables garments to be stored in a visible and organized manner.

  • This small investment emphasizes to both employees and visitors that the garment they are about to don will be used to enter a controlled environment, which leads to a better awareness of cleanroom standards and operating procedures.

  • Reliable rocker switches operate the fan and lights and a MinihelicTM pressure gauge monitors cabinet operation.

  • Built-in warm white, electronically ballasted, 5000k lighting provides excellent illumination of the work zone and reduces operator fatigue. The reliable lighting system is zero-flicker and instant start.

  • All components are designed for maximum chemical resistance and enhanced durability for a long service life.

  • The main body of the cabinet is constructed of industrial-grade electrogalvanized steel.

  • The cabinet is mobile on casters and may be fixed in place via the built-in leveling feet.

  • All cabinet components are cleanroom compatible. Isocide eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria within 24 hours of exposure.

  • Air Flow Velocity - 0.45(m/s) / 90(fpm)

  • Electrical - 220-240V,AC, 50Hz,1ø

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