Cleanroom Gowning- The Correct Procedure

August 18, 2016



Each process will require a different gowning procedure to protect both the operator and the product. Commonly your operators will need to be wearing a full garment, these could be disposable or reusable, with gloves, hair nets, overshoes and if required a beard snood.


it is beneficial for changing rooms to have a stopover bench so the operators know where they are required to be changed and in full garments.  



The Procedure


First the operator needs to put on their overshoes, not allowing to them to touch the side of the step over bench. 


They then need to put on the garment trying to keep the garment from touching the floor


They then need to put on their hair nets and face masks (if required) 


Then Finally they need to put on their gloves


Companies will have different gowning procedure and it is essential that you have a step by step guide in your changing room so operators and visitors can see what your cleanroom gowning expectations are.  


Thank You For Reading 

The Guardtech Team 





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