What is the correct technique for wiping down surfaces?

January 29, 2020



We recommend that you use either Poly-cellulose or Polyester wipes when wiping down any surface in a cleanroom. To ensure you maximise each wipe fold it in half and then into half again, this give 8 points of contact. Regularly change the side you are wiping with so you do not spread particulate around. When wiping a surface start at the cleanest area ie back of a table or top of a window, wipe in a continuous motion and do not scrub as this will expel the particulate in to the air, ensure you over lap your strokes to cover all of the surface. 


Ensure that you dispose of the dirty wipe into a waste bag because if you leave them on another surface the particulate will pass from the wipe to the surface. 


When Spraying the chemical ensure you spray the chemical straight onto the wipe and not on to the table as this again will make the particles air-borne. 


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